Monday, February 23, 2009

the big sandwich

the huge sandwich was eaten by a dude at a club and was given alot of money for eating it the dude was a skinny like 23 year old and the sandwich cost $50 but since he ate it all then the sandwich was paid for by the owner so the sandwich was free but the owner didn't think he could eat it all but he did so hahaha to the club owner

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I did

i seen high school musical 3 it was so cool troy is not even partly cute

Angie's top 5 sleepover ideas- from a magazine

1. Face mask sometimes a night of pampering is just what a girl needs! give your complexion a treat- whip up an easy face mask in your own kitchen! in a small bowl mix together one white egg, one tablespoon of honey, and two tablespoons of dry oatmeal slather on your face and let dry you an even put cucumber on your eyes like in the movies to remove wash with warm water

2. pedicure products while your face mask dries, set up a nail station and give each other a pedicure....... it's so much easier then painting your tiny toenails by yourself

3. Music make a playlist of all the best songs for a rockin' dance party with your pals! and when your feet are beat from boogying, switch to singing. host your very own American idol at home! everyone gets a turn being Simon..... British accents a must!

4. pillowcase make it a sleepover you will really never forget... by making souvenirs! have each friend brind a solid color pillowcase, then decorate them with permanent marker: add the date, everyone's signature, funny quotes from the night, cute drawlings, you name it!

5. ice cream toppings i scream, you scream, all your friends scream for ice cream! have each girl bring a different topping (you supply the ice cream) and set up a fabulous feast with every thing from hot fudge to caramel sauce sprinkles to candy bar crumbles whipped cream to cherries everyone will be happy!